“We want people to come here and celebrate life and spend time together as a family,” said Michael Long, Fairmount’s director of business development. “We hope parents and grandparents are bringing their children and allowing me or themselves the opportunity to educate children that cemeteries are beautiful, scared spaces, and it’s OK to share good memories and honor and reflect on loved ones and to celebrate this beautiful little silent city right in the heart of Denver.”

At Seven Stones, recent one-of-a-kind celebrations have included:

A Bob Marley-themed potluck at which funeral attendees kicked off their shoes, blasted reggae music and shared stories of the departed.

A Disney-themed send-off for a little girl whose family and friends dressed in prince and princess attire.

QR codes on the deceased’s nameplates enabling passers-by to snap a photo and pull up pictures, video and more of the life passed on.

And a green burial option in which people’s ashes are planted to sprout into trees.