The tweets on Revolutionary War airports may not be up to the standards of Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel, but I think they’re pretty funny — and all the more impressive for having been generated on such short notice by so many amateur comedians. I spent the past few days chuckling over these Twitter threads. Mad magazine may soon be dead, but satire remains alive and well online.

Of course, if Trump saw these tweets, no doubt he would think that he was the victim of “Presidential Harassment!” But he’s the president, and he did something that genuinely warrants mockery — especially because, as usual, he didn’t apologize for his flub. Trump dishes out plenty of Twitter attacks far more vitriolic and far less funny than these to his nearly 62 million followers; he should expect to be on the receiving end. Twitter users should be more careful before they unload on some ordinary person who has inadvertently been caught in the crosshairs of the perpetual-outrage brigade.