There are white Americans who think the country only belongs to them; that it is their birthright and theirs alone. For some, people of color are barely citizens. They want to keep us constantly teetering on the edge of citizenship that is not constitutionally provided but, rather, temporarily licensed, revocable upon any mention of the country’s white supremacist practices at home and abroad.

But that “peculiar sensation” of knowing America has never been entirely for us has also been a gift. It has given the marginalized, and our allies, a sense of shared struggle. What scares people like Trump is that “the Squad”, as the freshmen progressive congresswomen have become known, is increasing in number. The louder he gets, the easier it will be for them to recruit team-mates in this struggle for justice and basic human dignity. We may never escape that peculiarity of being othered in America, but the Squad is bound to become so deep that it won’t even matter.