Amy Wax, a law professor whose hard-right pronouncements have made her an object of outrage among students and led to censure at the University of Pennsylvania, came to the National Conservatism Conference and implied that immigration makes American communities dirtier.

“I think we are going to sink back significantly into Third Worldism,” Wax said during a panel discussion. “We are going to go Venezuela. You can just see it happening. One of my pet peeves, one of my obsessions is litter. If you go up to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, or Yankee territory, versus other places that are quote-unquote more diverse, you are going to see an enormous difference. I’m sorry to report, generalizations are not very pleasant. But little things like that that aren’t little. They really affect our environment.”

The conference hosting Wax was meant to launch a new, Trumpist branch of intellectual conservative thought at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, DC — an ongoing concern for Trump supporters who haven’t turned Trump into a coherent movement beyond the man. And notably, while some there argued that race and Trump shouldn’t have anything to do with this new brand of conservatism, two non-intellectual, racist moments from the president bookended the conference. On Sunday, hours before the event began, President Donald Trump said four members of Congress who are women of color should “go back home.” And on Wednesday, after the conference had come to an end in Washington, Trump was at a political rally in North Carolina, listing off allegations about one of those congresswomen and then standing by as his crowd chanted “send her back.”