On social media, where they spend most days screaming away, they are all heroines of our time, with millions of like-minded followers cheering their every move as they lecture us all on how to think and how to lead our lives.

It must be very seductive for them, a constant apparent validation of their political views.

But it’s important to remember that social media is predominantly one gigantic liberal snowflake platform that never thought a Trump presidency could happen in the first place.

And the vast majority of Americans are not on Twitter anyway.

So this raucous hard-left echo-chamber cacophony is irrelevant to the bigger political picture.

The Squad is deeply unpopular even within their own party, not least because of their irksome and self-defeating ‘Girl who cried wolf’ habit of furiously branding anyone who criticizes them for anything as racist, despite Omar herself posting anti-Semitic tweets.