For Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders especially, but others, too: Three of Barack Obama’s few large achievements were the twelve-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, the Affordable Care Act — the most significant expansion of the social safety net since 1965 (Medicare and Medicaid) — and Dodd-Frank, the most consequential financial-sector regulation since the 1930s. You opposed ratification of the first. By advocating “Medicare for All” you are implicitly saying that the second was not much. And by railing against the ongoing “corruption” of Wall Street, banks, capitalism, etc., you imply that the third was not much. Does it not follow that you think Obama’s presidency was not much?

For Joe Biden: Care to defend it, including its deportation of five million illegal immigrants?

For Warren: You paused in your denunciations of crony capitalism, government favors for the well-connected, etc., long enough to vote to revive the Export-Import Bank, which funnels capital to government-favored corporations. Explain.