Sadly, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley echoes the divisive designs of my cable news counterparts. Specifically, she told the uber-leftist “woke-palooza” Netroots Nation crowd that “we don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice.” Her message — really her warning — was crystal clear: We on the left view you not as a human being with thoughts and dignity and a soul, but rather as a skin-deep political robot. As such, deviations from the progressive party line will not be tolerated, particularly from minorities. Her thinking flows from the same bigoted philosophy that attacked me on CNN Monday night.

Moreover, many minorities like me gravitate to President Trump not because he speaks delicately or because he never offends us (or others), but rather because he has become the political warrior we need. He fights the status quo at home and abroad and demands that the interests of working-class Americans – many of whom are black and brown – take priority. Thus, he works for secure borders to protect minority citizens from illegal alien crime and unfair workforce competition, and restructures trade deals that had decimated manufacturing in America. He has also unleashed the power of small business through tax and regulatory relief, a particularly powerful propellant for our highly entrepreneurial Hispanic communities. This growth explains why Hispanic wage growth now vastly exceeds the national average, a stark contrast to the slow-growth Obama era. Such real-world, tangible improvements easily eclipse the false promises and lofty rhetoric the Democrats have directed toward minorities for decades.