One of the figures at the heart of the Epstein imbroglio is Virginia Roberts Giuffre, whom I have never met. Four years ago, she was ‘pressured’ – her word – by her lawyers into making false accusations against me: namely, that I had underage sex with her. They expected a big payday, but I was able to prove from my travel records that I could not have been on the Caribbean island, New Mexico ranch or other places where she perjuriously claimed to have met me. She also claimed to have met Al and Tipper Gore, as well as Bill Clinton, on the island, but Secret Service and other records proved she had made up these stories as well. She also made up stories about having underage sex with prominent political leaders – senators, ambassadors, prime ministers and other heads of state – but her own employment records prove conclusively that she was well above the age of consent when she claimed to have met these two men.

This allegation against me was publicized, then debunked. My records led her own lawyer to admit that it would have been ‘impossible’ for me to have been in those places and that his client was ‘simply wrong’ about her accusations. An investigation by the former head of the FBI concluded that the accusations were disproved by the evidence. The judge struck the accusations and her lawyers withdrew them, admitting it was a ‘mistake.’ Having seen the initial accusation demolished, her lawyer told people he was trolling for a second accuser because ‘two is better than one.’