Beyond his rage-tweeting, the president has in recent months reminded his senior aides, including his top economic adviser (and former CNBC star) Larry Kudlow, to branch out and make sure to keep doing more and more shows that aren’t on Fox News, according to two people with knowledge of Trump’s request.

The president has also told multiple associates that he sees Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch’s sons as “very liberal” and has quizzed former and current Fox personalities about what they think of them and if the Murdoch kids can be trusted. (Rupert Murdoch also doubles as a prominent informal adviser to Trump, often taking calls from the 45th president.)…

“I think the reaction is more of an eyeroll than anything,” one Fox News staffer told The Daily Beast.

Further, some in the building feel that the Trump attacks are actually useful, as they can be used as rebuttals against critics calling them out for being “state media” in the Trump era.