Another data point, this one from CNN, also points to some shakiness in the “Biden is the most electable” narrative. When asked: “which is more important to you personally,” 61 percent of Democrats say “the Democratic party should pick someone with a strong chance of beating Donald Trump,” and just 30 percent say the party should nominate someone who “shares your positions on major issues.”

But, when you drill down and find out who those 61 percent said they support as the nominee, Biden’s lead is less than impressive. Biden remained in the lead at 23 percent, but Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are close behind at 18 percent each. Sen. Bernie Sanders comes in at 10 percent. That’s not much different from what we see among the broader electorate. In the overall head-to-head among all Democratic voters (not just those who prioritize electability), Biden leads with 22 percent, with Harris at 17 percent, Warren at 15 percent and Sanders at 14 percent. In other words, the “Biden as the best candidate to beat Trump” is already baked into the cake. And, while this message has been enough to put Biden in the lead — it is not an insurmountable one.