So while I can understand why many believe this is the perfect moment to forget about moderate voters and really go for the progressive gusto, please reconsider. I’m not saying you have to do this to get my support, because you’ve already got it. You had me at “Not Donald Trump.”

Now let’s talk about the tens of millions of other voters we’re going to need to win.

For all the talk about Trump’s extremism, he picked up voters in swing states by bringing the party back toward the center on economic policy. Believe it or not, that’s still where American national elections are won. Trump has, of course, failed to deliver on much in the way of centrist policy, giving us another Republican tax cut, instead. Good news! That leaves open the most fertile ground in American politics.

If you think that Trump is a grave danger to our country — and I do — then it’s imperative that we figure out how to recapture that territory, and the voters who live there, rather than posing for each other on the moral high ground.