Pelosi already dismissed the idea of impeaching Acosta, but there are urgent reasons why the House should do a Belknap on the former labor secretary: Acosta’s deal with Epstein was arguably tantamount to a coverup of depraved sexual conduct; not only that, depraved sexual conduct against minors; not only that, depraved sexual conduct against minors by a former friend of Donald Trump’s.

Acosta’s inaction cries out for investigation—an investigation I for one do not trust the Trump/Barr Justice Department to carry out.

And that mistrust suggests another appropriate impeachment target: William Pelham Barr, esq. Even Pelosi recently told reporters that Barr “lied to the House. That’s a crime.” It’s not just a crime: lying to Congress under oath is what we call a high crime. Gerhardt agreed that false or misleading testimony—especially by the head of the Justice Department—could be enough to justify removing Barr. Bowman is already on record, during the long ago days of the George W. Bush administration, calling for the impeachment of Bush’s attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, for his role in the political jimmying of U.S. attorney offices.