“Politics is supposed to be about ideas,” said Mr. Sanford, who won that election with the mock Pelosi debate in 2013 and served in the House until 2019 after losing to a more pro-Trump Republican in a primary. “What we’ve now done is to take it to another level, which is to say to some extent it’s about ideas, but it’s about personality more.”

“I never said Nancy Pelosi didn’t love America,” he added. “And I think that’s where some of this has been taken to levels that are dangerous.”…

Public opinion polls show that significantly more Americans view the four women unfavorably than favorably — a remarkable level of infamy for any House member to reach after less than a year on the job.

While it is not unusual for partisans to move on to fresh targets, the four women have less power, fewer achievements and lower national profiles than past Republican targets like Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. None are seeking the presidency, or even a leadership position in the House.