But make no mistake. The socialist-communist attack on the Border Patrol or on Immigration and Customs Enforcement as fascist is no accident or mere theater. It is part of a long-range plan to delegitimize the government of the United States as a whole. Here’s what Ayers and his co-authors wrote in their 1974 manifesto for the revolutionary Weather Underground:

“Fascism in this country is not a challenge to those in power by some more reactionary gang on the outside. Fascism is perpetrated on Third World people from the seats of power: the Pentagon, the Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court. In these places liberal and fascist tendencies compete, but they also connive and conspire. Our strategy must be unity against existing fascism for the liberation of all oppressed people.”

It is the institutions of power in the United States that Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders want to destroy, and they will take any opening to do it. It was the United States Army in 1969. It is the Border Patrol in 2019.