We evidently need some supervision of the social-media giants. They wield enormous power, and they operate in darkness, so let’s shine a flashlight on them. If you worry about Russian influence in our elections, worry more about Big Tech.

There is a regulatory model, in agencies like the Federal Election Commission and the Board of Broadcast Governors, bipartisan groups whose members are appointed by both parties. Let’s have a similarly bipartisan Social Media Commission and give it the power to investigate and report on how the YouTubes and Twitters might abuse their powers.

The FEC can prosecute for violations of campaign-finance laws, and that’s the last thing we’d want a Social Media Commission to do. It’s overkill, and it isn’t necessary. It would suffice were the commission empowered to investigate the tendentious algorithms and biased policing norms that always seem to favor one side and not the other — and then to shine a light on this with a public report.