Some could argue that Trump started his run for President off birtherism claims and his questioning of President Obama’s American citizenship. After conceding that Obama was an American citizen, he reportedly resumed raising the question in 2017.

Americans don’t need to scratch hard on the surface of this presidency to find the poorly concealed bigotry beneath. But who else knows this about the current occupant of the White House? The Russians. And this brings me to the most dangerous harm unleashed on our country by our white supremacist-in-chief — and it affects all of us. Intelligence reports describe Russian efforts to help elect Trump by targeting potential black voters to ultimately get them to stay away from the polls. White supremacy is a national security issue.

There’s a direct connection between Trump’s fair housing lawsuit, the Exonerated 5, his election as President, his administration’s push for a cooked-up Census question designed to undercount people of color and help white Republican candidates win, to now, where his administration is effectively banning the likeness of Harriet Tubman — a black woman and towering figure in American history — from the $20 bill. There is apparently no issue — large or small — involving the rights and advancement of people of color that the President won’t weigh in on, with his thumb on the scale.