She’s right about the likely fallout, but if calling for prison somehow defines Pelosi as rational and responsible, Washington itself is a giant insane asylum.

By her logic, she must keep raising the ante to prove her street cred. Perhaps her next move then will be to call for Trump to be barred from the Oval Office. That way, she’ll prove she really, really, really hates him but still doesn’t favor impeachment.

Here’s the problem — actually, two problems — with Pelosi’s too-cute-by-half gambit. The crazies are crazy, but they’re not dumb, nor are they alone. About 60 House Dems, or 25 percent of the caucus, favor impeachment and polls show a majority of national Dems want to remove Trump that way.

At some point, those members and voters will tire of Pelosi playing word games but still blocking them from doing what they are dying to do.