Methinks it’s a double game meant to send a message: If/when Democrats move to impeach Trump, it will be because he made them do it. Democratic leaders are cool with impeachment; they just don’t want to look as if they’re too hungry for it.

Last month, Pelosi told the Cornell University Institute of Politics and Global Affairs, “Trump is goading us to impeach him.” Later, the speaker said the president was “engaged in a cover-up” and, later still, that he belongs in prison. These are clearly feints, as the number of House Democrats who support impeachment has grown while she’s been trying to hold back her caucus.

“She knows impeachment is a disaster for them,” GOP graybeard Karl Rove told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo. And “Nancy Pelosi is between the progressive left in the party that wants to impeach and the political reality that she has a majority in the House because a bunch of red districts flipped blue, and she knows that this could cost her the majority.”