Republican Greg Smith of Waynesville, Ohio, admits he got so insulting on Facebook, his friends told him to take a break from social media. Around that time, the avid Trump supporter saw a decades-long friendship disintegrate over a political spat.

“I was the guy that was just really nasty on Facebook,” Smith said. “I used words like ‘libtard’ and ‘idiots’ and stuff like that. I would never say I was a mental case but I sure would get aggravated.”

More than two years after Donald Trump took the oath of office, many Americans find themselves not just taking sides – sometimes vehemently – but growing mentally anxious and exhausted, experts say…

“America is facing a cultural crisis as we no longer just disagree but dislike, distrust, and even despise those who see the world differently,” says Pearce Godwin, founder of Listen First Project, wrote recently. “A nation founded on universal ideals of freedom and opportunity has become one of sectarian strife.”