The bill has ideas ranging from banning right turns on red everywhere to lowering speed limits to imposing traffic-easing mandates on developers. The proposal gaining most attention is Mr. Allen’s idea for a pilot program in which some citizens would have the power to issue parking tickets. “Nanny state,” “Big Brother” and “vigilante justice” were a few of the less-than-enthusiastic responses.

In fact, other cities have had success with such programs. The pilot effort would be narrowly focused to instances in which there is an immediate safety hazard, such as a car parked in a crosswalk or bus lane. Under the proposal, specially selected and trained citizens would use a mobile app to take a photograph of the violation, with the ticket issued by the District by postal mail. “When someone is creating an immediate safety hazard, there needs to be a consequence,” Mr. Allen said. As a general matter, we agree; those who grouse about parking and traffic tickets would do better just to abide by the law.