Anyone who paid attention in 2016 knew the stories of Trump’s failures in the business world. They already knew about the string of failed experiments Trump attached his name to. The media had access to these stories, but instead gave countless hours of TV coverage, inches of print coverage, and thousands upon thousands of tweets about his crowd sizes, his audiences, his message, and everything else about his campaign. They gave him millions in unpaid advertising in their new programs, papers, magazines, and websites, and they now have the audacity to point out that Trump is a “con man” who has failed at every business venture he’s attempted.

You know what he hasn’t failed at? He hasn’t failed at conning the media into giving him free airtime. He hasn’t failed at making them oppose him so vigorously that his conflicting messaging, questionable statements, and outright lies don’t penetrate to the American public. He gets them to constantly lose their minds over every little thing even remotely related to his presidency that all people see are crazed media figures lashing out.