Black voters are far more pragmatic than the progressives that pretend to represent them. What they want is a government that makes their streets safer. They want better access to health care and to higher paying jobs. They want the police to protect them, not persecute them.

Hispanics, especially those Catholics who attend Mass regularly, want a piece of the American dream. They work hard and they play by the rules. What they don’t want is the daily assault on their Christian values that they see from Hollywood and the secularists who openly mock religious observance. A fix to the broken immigration system is important, obviously, but it is not nearly as important as a growing economy that puts food on the table.

Asian Americans have the most to lose from a strict adherence to the liberal orthodoxy. They are small business owners, shopkeepers, store owners and dry cleaners. Their kids and grandkids study hard and get into the finest schools at a rate that skews the affirmative action race calculations. They have the most to lose when criminals run free, unbothered by law enforcement.