In Aristophanes’s play “Lysistrata,” the eponymous ancient Greek heroine convenes women from across the Hellenistic world to forswear sex until such time as their husbands agree to end the Peloponnesian War. Along with some other drastic actions, the women’s sexual moratorium does eventually result in a peace agreement, and all ends happily, with pleased lovers grateful for their reunion, so to speak. Of course, “Lysistrata” is a comedy.

The humor was apparently lost on some, including television star Alyssa Milano, who tweeted Friday that she was “calling for a #SexStrike” in response to a new antiabortion law passed in Georgia. Milano advised women to forgo intercourse, as “until women have legal control over own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy.” “JOIN ME,” she said.

It isn’t clear that anyone ever did join Milano in refusing to join their lovers in bed, though she received some scattered support in a handful of tweets. The #SexStrike Twitter hashtag consists mostly of people furious about the very idea of a sex stoppage, or else people cheekily announcing they’ve crossed the picket line. In fact, it’s not even clear whether Milano herself has sworn off sex.