Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.), the only Republican in Congress to have called for the impeachment of President Trump, continues to enjoy the media spotlight for breaking rank. He is, however, neither unbiased nor a typical Republican, rendering such attention way overblown.

Amash makes much of his claim to have read the entire report by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. Amash says the report clearly established that Trump has obstructed justice and hence deserves impeachment. But that is akin to saying as a member of the jury that you’ve decided to convict the defendant after you’ve heard the prosecutor’s opening statement. For that is what the Mueller report is, a statement by a prosecutor without any ability of the defendant to question the witnesses whose testimony the prosecutor selectively presents.

A prosecutor has no obligation to present his conclusions in an evenhanded manner. Even if he tries to do so, his views and the evidence he presents have not been previously viewed or contested by advocates for the defense. An unbiased person would wait until the defense has an opportunity to present its own theory of the case and its own witnesses before deciding to convict. Amash’s presumption of guilt before such cross-examination speaks volumes about the bias he brings to the table.