What’s fascinating about these episodes is that Wohl seems to create them out of whole-cloth. Where a generically sleazy political operator might embellish a rumor, or take a plausible idea and try to find convenient innuendos to gussy it up, Jacob just, well, as the kids say, makes shit up.

And this made-up merde is so wildly ridiculous and thinly disguised that the allegations rarely last for even a few hours before they’re completely debunked. Which is, if you think about it, an accomplishment of sorts: We currently live in times so incredibly stupid that a fake story about a sex trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza shop can linger for month after month after month.

Think about all the wacky, absurdist conspiracy theories that catch fire on the internet—from chemtrails to Qanon to the theory that Melania, like Saddam Hussein before her, employs the occasional use of a body double. Just how dumb do Wohl’s stories have to be to be shot down before these things?