With both a pledge to be independent and membership in a party which demands support for President Donald Trump at every turn, the junior senator from Utah faces a squeeze on essentially every major vote he takes and each response to Trump’s controversies.

Romney has voted this year against Trump more than most other Senate Republicans, torpedoed Herman Cain’s chances on the Federal Reserve and even defended former President Barack Obama. Yet he still broadly supports Trump’s agenda and is with him far more often than not…

“He’s by and large followed the Republican playbook. So I’ll be with him. The places where I’m not with him from time to time will be matters of conduct or communication that I think are highly divisive or misogynistic or anti-immigrant,” Romney says of Trump. “In places like that, I think it’s important for my own personal integrity to stand up and say ‘no, I disagree with that.’”

Romney paused for a moment, then finished: “Maybe it will influence his thinking. Probably not. But it will certainly allow me to be true to the things I believe.”