The field organizing program is one of several new initiatives the Democratic National Committee has implemented under chairman Tom Perez, whose two-year long overhaul of the national party has focused on building out the DNC’s campaign infrastructure, data and cybersecurity programs.

That means the potential for more paid staff on the ground in the states that will determine the outcome of the 2020 election, a revamped “war room” with a focus on President Trump’s first-term record, and a cybersecurity system the DNC hopes will withstand Russian hacking efforts.

In an interview with The Hill from the Democrats’ national headquarters in Washington, Perez detailed the DNC’s 2020 battle plan and core mission, which he said is twofold: To ensure that primary voters have confidence in the nominating process and to hand the eventual nominee the resources and infrastructure he or she will need to defeat Trump from the moment that person walks off the stage from the convention in Milwaukee.