Bongino started his response by describing in detail how Jews were brutally killed under the Third Reich, to which Rivera shot back, “Don’t condescend to me about the Holocaust.” Bongino went on to claim that “some of the Palestinians aligned with the Nazis to further attack the Jews,” which quickly outraged Hannity’s other guest.

“To lay the Holocaust at the door of the Palestinians?!” Rivera exclaimed in shock. “To say that the Palestinians have some responsibility for the Holocaust is so historically inaccurate. It is another obscenity.”

The two finished the segment by debating the Israel-Palestine conflict, with Bongino falsely claiming that it is a “historical fact” that “there was never a Palestine” and Rivera trying to explain that “Palestinians lost their homeland” after the Holocaust so Jews could return to their historical homeland.

“This is cheap politics — you’re trying to diminish this woman,” Rivera concluded.