Still, in one conversation after the next, the story was the same. “They’ve got to get him out of the way before he destroys this country,” said James Gaines, 66, a barber.

Sabriya Bilal, 64, a school bus driver, asked, “I don’t think he’s mentally stable, do you?”

So strong is the sentiment against Mr. Trump that Art Haywood, an African-American state senator who represents this area, has introduced a resolution in the Pennsylvania General Assembly calling for the president’s impeachment. Last week, he held a town-hall-style meeting to rally public support; in an interview, Mr. Haywood compared House Democrats to Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister who sought to avoid war with Hitler.

“This appeasement policy of Nancy Pelosi is a tremendous mistake,” Mr. Haywood said. “The risks to our nation are bigger than the risks to the Democratic Party.”