At the time, 27 percent of Democrats named Biden as their top choice in the 2020 Democratic primary. This closely tracks with recent poll results.

Democrats who reported never or only rarely experiencing unwanted sexual advances were more likely than others to pick Biden: 30 percent named him as their top choice. In contrast, only 19 percent of Democrats who said they’d experienced unwanted sexual advances fairly or very often chose Biden, a gap of 11 points.

I find similar results when looking to how Democrats feel about #MeToo and whom they might pick as the party’s nominee. When asked how strongly they felt about #MeToo, Democrats’ responses averaged out to 73 degrees, which is quite warm on a “feeling thermometer” scale ranging from 0 to 100 degrees. (A “feeling thermometer” is a standard social science system for measuring the strength of sentiment.) This is consistent with previous surveys showing Democrats’ sympathy for #MeToo.

Among Democrats whose feelings toward #MeToo were lukewarm, rating it at less than 59 degrees, 32 percent named Biden as their top choice. In contrast, among Democrats who gave #MeToo a very high rating, greater than 93 degrees, only 22 percent named Biden as their top choice. That’s a gap of 10 points.