Roy Moore, famous for being banned from a mall because he sexually preyed on underage girls and losing a Senate race in an R+14 state, apparently wants another round at the rodeo. Losing to Doug Jones just once apparently is not enough for Moore.

The accused sexual assailant and pedophile’s ascension to the Republican senatorial bid was an aberration, a convergence of unusual events that made it hard to squarely blame Alabamans for the outcome. As you may recall, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unwisely threw his entire weight behind state Attorney General Luther Strange, a Republican, simply because he was the (unelected) incumbent, despite credible allegations and a general feeling that his appointment was part of a corrupt bargain. McConnell crowded out most viable conservative competitors, leaving Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., and Moore the only two other well-known primary contenders.

But unfortunately, Strange (again, helped by Washington’s Republican smart set) and Moore advanced to a runoff that Moore was certain to win. Only afterward did multiple allegations arise that he had dated young girls as an adult.