Thinking about all of this in terms of the rich paying more, it’s all so very counterproductive. Let’s not encourage this. The federal government is not staffed by the magical; rather it’s filled with people who used to not work in government. By virtue of them choosing government, they in many instances are revealing a lack of ambition or imagination. Basically they want a paycheck without the stresses and strains that come with earning one in the profit-motivated world.

When we pay taxes, or the rich do, or the man behind the proverbial tree does, it’s a tax on all of us as the least efficient and least imaginative are basically empowered to fail when it comes to meeting our needs. If anyone doubts this, please tell me about all the government services that profit-motivated couldn’t provide in much cheaper and higher quality fashion.

Crucial here is that it’s not just about what actual businesses can provide for us in the here-and-now. It’s also that they relentlessly push down the cost of everything all the while pushing up the quality. Lest we forget, the first mainframe computer in the 1960s cost over $1 million, the first incredibly primitive mobile phone cost $3,995, and the first laser printer cost $17,000.