They are reduced to occasionally popping up on Twitter to inspire a session of Weakheart Whack-A-Mole from actual conservatives. Just look at Senator for Some Reason Mitt Romney. The guy I am sorry I voted for in 2012 is always eager to say something prissy about the president to try to please the same people who, back in 2012, accused him of being a racist and giving a lady cancer. For his obedience, he gets a tasty treat and a pat on the head, like the good doggie he is. But everyone knows that if the elite ever thought that the Distinguished Gentleman From Whatever State He Thinks He Can Get Elected In Next might actually pose a threat to the status quo, he’d be figuratively caged up and driven to Canada on the roof.

So, what is the future of the Never Trump brand of failure-phile cons, since they do not have one in our party – at least not in the short-term? Except for the loudest and dumbest among them, they will lie low and bide their time. Being Never Trump means never giving up the notion that someday the unwashed masses of the conservative base will someday come to their senses, grow tired of winning, and beg the same coterie of feckless failures, whose dismal inability to conserve anything led to the base selecting Donald Trump in the first place, to return to power.