“Last week, Twitter suspend[ed] the account of the pro-life movie Unplanned—on opening weekend, no less—raising yet more questions about your supposed commitment to free speech,” Hawley wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained exclusively by National Review. “Just as bad, after you lifted the suspension, 99 percent of Unplanned’s followers mysteriously disappeared.”

The Twitter account affiliated with the new movie was indeed suspended over the weekend, and Twitter management told National Review at the time that the suspension was not due to any violation of platform rules. According to Twitter, the site’s system inaccurately linked the Unplanned account to another account that had violated the rules. After review, Twitter found the accounts weren’t in fact linked, and the suspension was lifted.

Twitter later told National Review that the issues with the account’s wildly shifting follower count and inability to retain followers were related to the earlier suspension and would take about 24 hours to stabilize.