In the election business, timing is like quicksilver, but maybe this time it could happen. After so many false starts and sad losses, ousting Donald Trump could be the epic Hollywood ending of Biden’s dreams.

This campaign, if he runs, will be Biden’s moment of truth. He’s finally admitted his long-ago ago failure to advocate for Professor Hill against “some of my Republican friends” and begun a baby-step apology approach. Admitting to his personal limitations could be a wake-up call to other similarly habituated relics of a bygone era. I have never quite forgiven Biden for those Anita Hill hearings, but I’d be willing to start now if he could strike a blow against handsy-ness by an entire seemingly ineducable generation of entitled old white guys.

I feel certain all the reports of Biden touching women are not sexual, but maybe this outcry will finally teach him that uninvited touching, however well-meaning, is paternalistic and patronizing. In the interest of overthrowing a despot, I hope he can persuade us all he’s been schooled, he’s sorry, and he will, at last, cut it out.