In the video, Mr. Jones occasionally attempts to slip into his Infowars persona. But his digressions are dismissed by lawyers as “nonresponsive.” At one point, Mr. Jones, evidently weary from questioning, asks for clarification of the lawyers’ meaning of the word “staged.” His question is cut off. “I’m not here to answer your questions,” the lawyer says. “You’re going to tell me what staged means when you said it.”

“This is such a rare public insight to his character and integrity,” Joshua Owens, a former Infowars employee who worked closely with Jones until 2017, told me on Friday evening after watching the deposition. “As someone who regularly saw his dynamic with others, no one speaks to him like this. [No one] asks these kinds of questions, pressures him to answer, or expects him to remain composed long enough for it to go anywhere productive.” Mr. Owens left Infowars after disagreements with Mr. Jones.