There is a smallish but feral herd of grifters that are trying to convince conservatives that a) they aren’t really conservatives because they aren’t sufficiently self-righteous and dismissive of other conservatives and b) that to be conservative you have to sign onto whatever dumbf***ery is coming down the pike at the moment. What’s coming down the pike is usually creeping socialism and bigger government disguised by “we have to do something” and “bipartisanship.” It is difficult to tell if they even believe what they are selling…some may but the main characters pretty obviously don’t believe in anything other than their next paycheck.

I think that Kurt offers a very useful analytical tool to evaluate these innovations we are supposed to adopt because a conservative case can be made for them. What does the nation get out of the deal? Are we stronger? Are we more unified? And how well does this innovation comport with the founding ideals of the nation?