Get your bingo cards ready for the debates, folks. He’s going to talk about being “a little rough around the edges,” about how “times have changed,” about how he admires young people for their “energy” about things like the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all but that he’s “seen a few things” in his time. He knows the difference between what sounds like a good idea and what’s practical. He cares about doing what’s right, but also about getting things done, even if it means “reaching” — no pun intended — “across the aisle.” Has he made a few mistakes over the years? Yeah, sure, and he owns up to them. But he knows better now. He’s “willing to listen,” maybe even “to learn.” Did I say to bring your bingo cards? Make that a barf bag.

The unfortunate thing is that this is all genius. Incredibly stupid, cringe-inducing, fourth-rate Dick Morris triangulating drivel — but genius nevertheless. It’s exactly what older Democratic voters, especially the ones who feel nostalgic about Obama’s eight years in office, want to hear. Uncle Joe is “someone who has what it takes to make a great president.”

It might just work, too. A lot will depend on how hard the other 2020 candidates are willing to go after Biden.