You know when you interact with an artificial intelligence program and it produces language that resembles how humans talk, but feels detached from reality in some fundamental way?

This is how people within the politics-media apparatus sound talking about Joe Biden right now.

Biden supporters have been reviewing “photographic documentation” of a 2014 campaign event where Lucy Flores, a former candidate, says the former vice president kissed her, which made her uncomfortable. Presidential candidates have talked about whether they “believe” Flores. “Who Is Lucy Flores, the Woman Accusing Joe Biden of Kissing Her?” asked a New York Times headline over the weekend. Reporters write in the passive voice — “the appropriateness of Biden’s physical behavior toward women is now being questioned” — like scrutiny emerges from the ocean. In an email subject lined, “A Note on Recent Coverage,” Biden’s spokesperson described Stephanie Carter and Senator Chris Coons as “reclaiming” her and his daughter’s stories, respectively, from false internet narratives about how they’d been made uncomfortable by Biden.