What does it say about conservatism when David Frum and Mona Charen and George Will hop off the bus and these people hop on?

Look: There are plenty of normal, well-adjusted Trump supporters. You may disagree philosophically with Michael Anton or Charles Kesler or Scott Johnson. I have my disagreements with all of them. But they’re all perfectly normal, good-faith human beings. You’d be happy to leave your kids with any one of them while you went to the store. (Disclosure: Johnson is a friend and I know and like Anton.)

Would you be willing to leave your kids with McAllister, Jones, Loomer, Milo, Schlichter, or the Kelly twins? I doubt it. Because they do not present as normal, well-adjusted adults. And yet they have been given platforms by conservative media organizations.

Why? There’s only one possible explanation: Because they’re on Team Trump.