One way or another, there won’t be as much explaining to do, now that the Mueller circus is leaving town. Sure, there’s still a lot left to be learned and debated about his report in the coming weeks, and there are still the offshoot investigations that are underway in jurisdictions like the Southern District of New York. But the key element of suspense is gone. For MSNBC, what next? “There are shows that built their identity around this,” a journalist there told me. “Where does that go?”

For starters, several sources told me they expect that some of MSNBC’s Mueller stars—the Malcolm Nances and Jill Wine-Bankses and Mimi Rocahs of the world—won’t be called on as frequently. Others said the network’s coverage was already beginning to shift toward a focus on 2020, which has an enormous pack of Democratic hopefuls that are like celebrities to many an MSNBC viewer. (NBC News and MSNBC are hosting the first Democratic presidential primary debate in June.)