If any single candidate in the 2020 presidential race can galvanize the Obama base and swing the disaffected center and Never Trump coalition of the Republican Party, it’s former Vice President Joe Biden. For all his gaffes and faux pas, Uncle Joe is uniquely positioned to burst back into the scene and on the center of the debate stage.

Yet Biden may be throwing a wrench into not just this strategy but his candidacy as a whole if the rumors that he’s actively courting Stacey Abrams to announce not just his presidential bid, but the failed gubernatorial candidate from Georgia as his running mate at the same time. Axios reports that despite opposition from his advisers, Biden specifically requested a meeting with Abrams to seriously consider bringing her onto the ticket from the start.

To recap, Abrams’ resume includes a few years as a tax attorney, another as deputy city attorney for Atlanta, a decade in the Georgia General Assembly, and an anonymous career as a romance writer.