The mainstream media are at a unique crossroads. They have an opportunity to redeem their record of negligence. Focusing on further taxpayer-funded fishing expeditions in the hopes of finding an impeachable offense simply because of dislike for the president is not the answer here. The Watergate story of this generation lies in how former and current government officials orchestrated the most extraordinary witch hunt of all time and escaped unscathed.

There are plenty of legitimate questions journalists could ask as they search for accountability. Here are a few suggestions:

Why was Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr never charged for filing a false federal disclosure affidavit, having neglected to disclose his wife was employed by Fusion GPS to assist with the Steele dossier? Why was he never investigated for his offer of assistance to Christopher Steele after the 2016 election?

Why was James Comey never charged for leaking classified memos? Or John Brennan for lying to Congress under oath?