“Tell me what I did and I’ll apologize,” Cuomo yelled.

Well, funny he should ask that, because NewsBusters has documented several instances were Cuomo let his personal disdain for the President color his coverage of the collusion story.

Back in May, 2017, Cuomo was in the midst of pushing the Democratic Party’s collusion narrative when he got into it with New York Congressman Peter King (R) about the lack of evidence. Cuomo argued that pointing out the clear lack of evidence was an attempt to “sabotage” the investigation.

“First, isn’t it a little deceptive to say you don’t know of any proof of anything? Why would you? The investigation isn’t concluded. It seems to fuel a sense of sabotage, a sense of illegitimacy when you say, ‘well, we haven’t seen any proof,’” he decried.