Winning the AOC primary is all the rage, but in poll after poll voters tell us what they want their elected leaders to talk about and focus on. Even the big-picture issues Democrats think are game-changing winners often come with massive electoral trade-offs.

After four years of lying and kleptocracy, 2020 presents Democrats with a chance to recapture the center on markets, opportunity and freedom. Trump has ceded every single one of these areas. Those traditional Republican strengths have been blown apart by Trumpism: crony capitalism, lobbyist giveaways, and a D.C. swamp that’s dirtier than ever are killer apps in 2020. The endemic, constant, almost comical level of corruption in the Trump administration has reached a point where even the slowest students in the class should make it a political issue.

If Democrats were smart, they would understand the market opening here is enormous and revolutionary, but they’re usually not good at “speaking American,” so I’ll outline it for them.