Lastly, Trump will always be able to find the money. The declaration of emergency he made gives him flexibility to move money around, redirecting it into wall construction from other programs. The Democrats’ whining about constitutionality and the lawsuit filed by 16 states are nonsensical. Moreover, asking a judge to secure a partisan victory in a fight between two branches of government is an abuse of the courts for political purposes that, unfortunately, will likely be sustained—as the president himself suggested—until it gets to the United States Supreme Court.

What folks don’t realize it Trump has even more options available. That $3.5 billion the State of California owes to the feds as repayment for money it received in the 2009 Obama shovel-ready stimulus to build a bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles that Gov. Gavin Newsome has now canceled? That’s infrastructure money that could easily be reprogrammed to a real shovel-ready project like border fencing on the border.

The president’s options are virtually limitless and Congress, which has for decades abdicated its power to the executive branch in exchange for avoiding accountability with the voters in order to improve the re-election prospects of its members, has only itself to blame. The wall’s going up, perhaps in pieces and maybe under another name, but it’s going up.