Fifty-nine percent of women who have abortions have given birth at least once already, and a reported 66 percent of women who have abortions plan to have children later on in the future. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is, more often than not, a decision made by parents with their families in mind, and any legislative attempt to impede that decision-making process is an affront to the sanctity of parenthood.

If the choice to enter into motherhood willingly is eroded by anti-choice politicians hiding behind the translucent guise of morality, motherhood itself is undermined. Instead of being a choice, it will be a punishment. Instead of being a celebrated sacrifice, it will be an ominous penance with wide-spread, dangerous consequences.

In many states across the country, this egregious attack on moms — particularly black moms and moms of color — is already wreaking havoc.