The really noxious part is that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, or what you achieve. According to the new far-left Dems, President Barack Obama was right: “You didn’t build that.” Their goal is to maximize what they suck from taxpayers and then spend it, and if you use what that money bought — schools, roads, housing — you’re a moocher.

Nor dare anyone criticize Dems’ money-grabbing: When Mike Bloom­berg took issue with Warren’s plan, she shot back that he and Schultz “want to keep a rigged system in place that benefits only them and their buddies.”

Never mind that Bloomberg and Schultz are mostly on Warren’s side politically and have spent their money in ways she would approve of.

More than money, these Dems crave power. Interfere with that, and you become, well . . . Howard Schultz may tell you, if you can stand the company of a billionaire.