McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Freedom Caucus chief Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) have begun to jointly plot their attack lines and political stunts, just two months after the conservative group sought to oust him from the top Republican spot…

“I can come up with all kinds of creative ways to slow down the floor progress. Those creative ways are being used in a unified way in the minority,” Meadows said. Being in the minority means zero control over legislation, of course. “But you still have a plethora of options in the toolbox,” Meadows said.

House GOP leaders may regret choosing such a path.

The Freedom Caucus was widely blamed for egging on President Donald Trump to shut down the government last month. That shutdown eventually became the longest in history only for it to end with a Trump cave — further evidence that the Freedom Caucus can start a fight, but not end it, and that Republicans could stumble by embracing their most hard-edged members.