Which brings us back to the other fundamental problem of Warren’s candidacy. Hardly 24 hours after announcing, Warren’s news cycle was hijacked by another liberal Democratic senator, Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar. By Monday, as a fresh news week begins, the political world has already moved on, and Warren feels a lot like yesterday’s news. Meanwhile, there are still dozens of other Democratic luminaries – including former vice president Joe Biden and last time’s runner-up, Bernie Sanders – moving closer to campaigns of their own.

Even if Warren could do what Hillary Clinton couldn’t and put her character questions to rest, the damage is done. That bell can’t be unrung. Unlike 2016, liberal voters drawn to Warren’s message have other options to choose from. If you think Warren’s attacks on free enterprise or her wealth distribution schemes are what this country needs, there’s a host of other candidates to choose from without Warren’s scar tissue.